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Nature has Given Everything to Fulfil Your Need but not Greed

Industrial growth is essential for the economic development of a country. But the rapid and unsustainable development has caused various damages to ecosystem worldwide. There are strong indications that we are exhausting our supplies of fertile soil, clean water, energy and biodiversity, which are essential to lead healthy life. Pollutants released to environment are the basic threat to all organisms. 

Our life is not the last generations in this world, rather a small STEP in a long journey. The natural resources should be protected for future generations of all organisms. To find the sustainable solution to environmental problems we have to educate the young people on sustainable environment, conservation & restoration.

Popularizing SAVE ENVIRONMENT, SAVE SOIL, CONSERVE WATER etc is just awareness program and will not bring major changes. BUT to get the best results ECO FRIENDLY TECHNOLOGY has to be developed and implemented.

With our experiences in the ENVIROMENTAL related fields for about FOUR DECADES, we are ready to solve most of the issues with MODERN SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY, which were proved COMMERCIALLY.

Dr Raman Environmental Research Foundation